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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Lori is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. She is our founder and principal. Always with her nose to the grindstone, it would be difficult to find anyone more passionate about their work. With a solid college education and a drive to get things done, Lori takes matters seriously but has a warm and generous heart.


Heidi is a California licensed attorney, not practicing law. Her careful decision making and astute nature makes Heidi perfectly suited to serve as a Professional Fiduciary. Her above board qualifications are highly valued by her clients and fellow professionals. Heidi's ethics are evident in everything she does, as is her caring and kind personality.


Julia comes to us with a variety of experiences, that combined make her a valuable asset for our team. She has worked as a production manager, an operations manager, and a social media/marketing guru including a ton of customer service. Most importantly, Julia is a mommy, which automatically gives her an awesome set of skills. Julia is capable and savvy. We're glad she is on our team!


When you are an experienced Case Manager working for an Indian Tribe, like Samaurrii did, your natural next step is to become a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. Sam gained real-world experience managing financial affairs, estates, and all details necessary for someone's well-being. Samaurrii's degrees in Public Administration and Health Education comes in handy. She has a confident demeanor, and a strong desire to dig right in.

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