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Hello. I'm Lori Cochrane. Thank you for visiting our website. 
I am often asked why I became a professional fiduciary. My reasons are clear. Everything I have done in my life has given me the skills and experience that help me to be highly proficient in this field. I'm a helper. I started helping families in 2000. I raised my family, earned degrees in college, worked a couple of different jobs, and everything clicked when I came to learn about what it means to be a professional fiduciary. I was so excited to have found my niche that I hit the ground running and learned as much as I could. I have never stopped learning. 

I went it alone for a few years, specializing in matters of the person as a one-man show. The more I learned about succession, the more I realized I needed to create that for my business. Imagine the commitment to people that I make, agreeing to serve as an agent with power of attorney, but not having a succession plan of my own. Who would be my backup?

In my quest for building a succession plan, I have discovered that I genuinely prefer collaboration over independence. Now, I have no idea how I ever did my work without a team. I found like-minded people and have cultivated a collaborative team that exponentially improves everything we do. The most important thing of all is for us to be very good at what we do, and pave the way for ourselves to deliver stellar services, always learning, and always improving. 

Our team at Concierge Fiduciary Services is in it for the long haul. Cochrane Support Services is our corporate parent company. We are all employees, including me. 

Lori Cochrane
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary #795
Principal Professional Fiduciary of Concierge Fiduciary Services

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