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How to take the next step & create a solid line of succession

STEP ONE: > Become our client by signing our Engagement Agreement

STEP TWO: > Complete the intake process

  • One short form for any financial services (no intake fee)

  • One long form for matters of your person (requires payment of a flat intake fee)

Okay, we just heard your brakes squeal. In order to serve as power of attorney for health care, we ask our clients to complete a lengthy intake process. We work with clients along the way to ensure we have answered all questions and that we understand their wishes and care preferences. We ask for this information in order to provide our best services when we are called upon.

SAFETY NET: A significant benefit to completing the intake process is that we have the information necessary if you are ever in need of support with the predictable challenges of aging. With this arrangement, we are available to serve as your safety net.

You may be as fun as this lady, but it isn't fun to face problems without support.

What is so challenging you ask? Some things will become more difficult with age, such as: > maintaining your home

> keeping track of medications

> handling illnesses

> frequent falls

...all of which point to the need for support.

OF NOTE: You do not have to lose capacity in order for us to use our skill sets to provide you with support for a variety of challenges. We provide medical appointment escort services, advice if you have a medical crisis, arranging for care, assistance with bill pay, banking, organizing important records, and more. All you have to do is call on us, your safety net. We’re here for you!


Talk to your drafting attorney about how to name us in your estate planning documents. They give the best advice. We have built-in succession within our firm. Here are some ideas for the language your attorney can add when assigning us:

> of Concierge Fiduciary Services

> and/or another professional fiduciary of Concierge Fiduciary Services

Our favorite:

> a Professional Fiduciary of Concierge Fiduciary Services

As successor trustees, our firm can be assigned without an individual's name. When an individual is assigned we ask for the authority to name a successor within our firm in case something happens. You see, we are good planners too!

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