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Why do we ask so many questions?

Have you ever been in a position where you were asked to help someone make an important decision during a crisis?

We have! That’s what folks are asking us to do, right? We take our legal assignments seriously. When crisis strikes we are on it like ducks on a June bug.

Imagine laying in a hospital, heavily medicated, confused with what is happening, and a person pops up in your vision and says,

“I am here to save the day! I have no idea about your preferences for care or your thoughts about the nuances of your options, but you chose me as your surrogate decision-maker in situations just like this.”

That scenario does not happen with Concierge Fiduciary Services. Without knowledge of the person, how can we be a surrogate?

Here is how we are different –

In order to serve as agents with power of attorney for health care, we ask our clients to complete a lengthy intake process, for which there is a flat fee. We work with clients along the way to ensure we understand their wishes and care preferences. We ask for this information in order to provide our best services when we are called upon, so we aren’t just guessing.

Imagine getting up to the teller in the line at the bank, and forgetting all the details of why you came. You leave, get home, then remember, and now you have to go back. We can help with that! For all financially related roles, we have a short intake process in order to gather the information we would need in order to access what is necessary.

Reprieve 2000 Safety Net

We are a safety net. Boots on the ground. A significant benefit to completing our intake process is that we have all the information we need if our client is ever in need of support with the predictable challenges of aging. We presume competency and help the client remain in control of their own affairs. With this arrangement, we are their safety net.

falls - illness - bill pay mishaps - medication snafus - home maintenance

We provide medical appointment escort services, advice and guidance during a medical crisis, arranging for care, assistance with bill pay, banking, organizing important records, and more. If they are a client of Concierge Fiduciary Services all they have to do is call on us. We're surrogate decision-makers. We actually show up armed with information and ready to serve, without guessing.

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