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Our Story

We're here to protect and carry out your
financial and healthcare decisions.

A presentation at the office

Who can you trust to competently and objectively manage your affairs?

As professional fiduciaries we are held accountable. We are people who hold high ethical and professional standards. Assigning Concierge Fiduciary Services as your power of attorney agent or as your successor trustee allows you peace of mind.



I'm Lori Cochrane. I'm a helper. I started helping families in 2000. I raised my family, earned degrees in college, worked a couple of different jobs, and everything clicked when I came to learn about what it means to be a professional fiduciary. I was so excited to have found my niche that I hit the ground running and learned as much as I could.

I have never stopped learning. 

I went it alone for a few years, beginning in 2013, specializing in matters of the person as a one-man show. Eventually, I stepped into more financial roles. Our clients deserve full services from a team of successors. The more I learned about succession, the more I worked to put succession in place. 

In my quest for building a succession plan, I have cultivated a collaborative team that exponentially improves everything we do. The most important thing of all is for us to deliver prudent, trustworthy, wrap-around services.

Our team at Concierge Fiduciary Services delivers best-in-class services.

Cochrane Support Services is our corporate parent company.

We are all employees, including me. 

Lori Cochrane, Founder
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary #795
Principal Professional Fiduciary of Concierge Fiduciary Services


Our Team

Lori Cochrane, Professional Fiduciary

Lori is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. She is our founder and principal. Always with her nose to the grindstone, it would be difficult to find anyone more passionate about their work. With a solid college education and a drive to get things done, Lori takes matters seriously but has a warm and generous heart.

Heidi Steinke, Professional Fiduciary


Julia Hittler,
Administrative Assistant

Julia comes to us with a variety of experiences, that combined make her a valuable asset for our team. She has worked as a production manager, an operations manager, and a social media/marketing guru including a ton of customer service. Most importantly, Julia is a mommy, which automatically gives her an awesome set of skills. Julia is capable and savvy. We're glad she is on our team!


When you gain experience as a Case Manager working for an Indian Tribe, like Samaurrii has, your natural next step is to become a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. Sam gained real-world experience managing financial affairs, estates,  and everything necessary for someone's well-being. Samaurrii's degrees in Public Administration and Health Education comes in handy. She is a great fit for our team; she has a confident demeanor, and a strong desire to dig right in.

Heidi is a California licensed attorney, not practicing law. Her careful decision making and astute nature makes Heidi perfectly suited to serve as a Professional Fiduciary. Her above board qualifications are highly valued by her clients and fellow professionals. Heidi's ethics are evident in everything she does, as is her caring and kind personality.


Estate Executor

Named in your Will

As an Executor or Administrator, we are legally responsible to manage a deceased person's estate to distribute his or her assets according to their Will. We manage unfinished and ongoing affairs, by closing bank accounts and paying debts and taxes. We protect and maintain all assets and belongings to prepare for their distribution to heirs or beneficiaries.

Trustee & Successor

Named in your Trust

As a Trustee, we are responsible for carrying out the purposes of the trust which are described within the trust document. We take legal ownership of the assets held by the trust and assume fiduciary responsibility for managing those assets.  We manage tax filings for the trust and distribute the assets according to the terms of the trust. A Successor Trustee is a person who takes on the Trustee role when the Trustee no longer serves, usually when the grantor loses capacity or passes away. Serving as a Trustee involves duties that are legally required. 

Power of Attorney

Named in your Advance Healthcare Directive

An Advance Healthcare Directive allows you to make your wishes known, including naming who will make healthcare decisions for you.
As agent, we gain access to information and communicate with care providers in a professional capacity. We advocate for you according to your wishes, gathering the facts to support your decision-making ahead of time. Taking the time to help you define your end-of-life care preferences helps us gain a clear understanding of the things that matter most to you. This is our duty as your surrogate decision-maker. 

Power of Attorney

Finances - Also called "Attorney-in-fact"

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that describes the authority assigned. The person creating the document, the Principal, assigns an Agent to act and make decisions on their behalf. A Power of Attorney stays in effect when you lose capacity, and the Agent can serve immediately if necessary. As Agent, we have the legal authority to manage a person's financial affairs pursuant to the instructions and guidelines written in their Power of Attorney document. This authority is over non-trust assets and ends on the passing of the Principal.

Practice Limitations &
Fee Information

  • We do not provide medical or legal advice or services.

  • Unless a person is incapacitated and we have authority as an agent with power of attorney, or we are their conservator, we do not make decisions or requests on behalf of individuals.

  • We do not act as a messenger or advocate on behalf of an individual, other than our client, with the goal of influencing or changing the mindset of a loved one, a clinician, or an associated professional.

  • We do not perform personal care, but we do put those care services in place on your behalf.

  • We engage with qualified financial advisors and licensed medical practitioners on your behalf.

  • We do not accept gifts or bequests.

Services we may perform include (this is not an exhaustive list):

Successor Trustee
Agent with Power of Attorney

Care and Case Manager
Beneficiary Advocate

The required qualifications of each licensed professional fiduciary of Concierge Fiduciary Services align with legally prescribed requirements, and more. We take great pride in our high level of trustworthiness and professionalism. Our collaborative team exponentially improves everything we do. The value of our professional services is more than what we bill our clients.

Concierge Fiduciary Services fees are billed by the hour in six-minute increments. As of this writing, our current hourly rates for licensed professional fiduciaries range from $120.00 – $165.00 and are dependent upon the skill level and experience of the licensed professional fiduciary. The hourly rate for unlicensed staff is $75.00. Fees are billed at a higher rate than those listed for time outside of business hours. Expenses we have paid on our client’s behalf are billed for reimbursement. Additional fee information can be provided during initial consultation meetings with prospective clients. There is no intake charge for financial services. There is a flat charge of $500 for the intake of person-related services such as Care Management or Agent on your Advance Directive, for each individual. A detailed fee schedule is included with our service agreement each client must sign. Fees will be amended from time to time. Active clients receive 60 days advance notice of fee amendments.

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