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Three Special Reasons: What makes Cochrane Support Services distinguishable from other fiduciaries?

~ High-touch, specialized skill sets, and continuity ~

When it’s time to hire fiduciaries, you want to know that your needs will be met professionally and according to your instructions. You don’t want to have to wonder about how ethical your fiduciary is or worry about gaps in areas of expertise. In other words, you want a trustworthy, full-service fiduciary that will focus on your unique needs. You want Cochrane Support Services. Our person-centered approach focuses on your individual needs while maintaining the highest professional standards. We focus on you, working to preserve your dignity and protect your financial and healthcare decisions. Read on to discover three things that set us apart.

High-touch We answer our own phones and stay connected even outside of typical business hours. We follow through ourselves, overseeing every aspect of your wishes, personally. Our business model is unique compared to other fiduciary firms where you’ll often find receptionists, case managers, or other stopping points before reaching the actual fiduciary. Not here at Cochrane Support Services. We take the time to engage directly with you, your family, vendors, financial institutions, etc… It’s about dignity and respect. We stand in your shoes.

Specialized skill sets Specialization is our super power. Other fiduciaries often take on situations in which the full gamut of needs is legally assigned to one individual fiduciary. (Assignments are legally made only to an individual fiduciary, not a company name). Taking on all the roles means that one person needs to know everything about managing a client's well-being, their assets, and perhaps even protecting loved ones’ public benefits. We don't pretend any one of us can do all those things.


We are ready to serve now, and will be ready in twenty years. The maturity to handle complicated situations in a savvy way evolves over time. That doesn't mean a person needs to be nearing retirement themselves in order to understand the nuances of such a life change. In fact, choosing people to stand in your shoes, as your surrogate decision-makers, means choosing people who will be ready for the long haul, whenever that time may come.

The continuity of our business is ensured with its corporate status and stakeholders who are invested in continuing the legacy. No one at Cochrane Support Services is nearing retirement. Some other fiduciaries never stop taking clients, even as they approach retirement, or they take on this role after retiring from another field of work, planning on it being short-term. Perhaps they’re gambling that you’ll need services sooner rather than later. But what’s at stake is the longevity of your planning. We’re prepared to continue providing stellar service for many years to come.

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